Executive Program in Retail Management – Basic

Course Fee

Rs. 6500/-

Course Duration

6 Months

Eligibility Criteria

Students either with a graduation degree (in any stream) or a diploma with two years work
experience are eligible for this course.

Course Details

  • International Business Management
  • IT for Managers
  • Introduction to Retailing
  • Strategic Management
  • Research Methodology


The mark allocation for each subject in the BASIC Course would be as follows:

  • Continuous Assessment (80 marks)
  • Final Assessment (20 marks)

Continuous Assessment – 80%

Continuous Assessment is based on the student score in the Subject End Test and the Internal Assignment.

Subject End Test (50 marks):

  • The Subject End Test consists of multiple choice questions (MCQs) with marks distribution as below-
    • 30 Question of 1 mark each
    • 10 Question of 2 marks each
  • Student will be allowed 3 attempts to the Subject End Test and the highest score of the 3 will be considered in the final marks count
  • The time duration for the Test would be 60 mins
  • The student needs to score minimum 40% in Subject End Test

Internal Assignment (30 marks):

  • Internal Assignment shall include subjective questions based on the entire syllabus
  • The Assignment Questions will be uploaded on the Learning Management System (LMS) and the student will upload the answers in the LMS as per the specified guidelines.
  • Marks distribution as below-
    • 2 Question of 10 marks each
    • 2 Question of 5 marks each
  • The student must score a minimum of 40% in the Internal Assignments

Final Assessment – 20%

  • Term End /Final Assessment will be conducted online through LMS at the allocated Centre based on questions covering the entire syllabus.
  • The exam would be in the form of multiple choice Questions - 20 Questions of 1 marks each.
  • Only 1 attempt will be allowed
  • The time duration for the Exam would be 45 mins
  • There will be no negative marking for wrong answers
  • This will be done at the allocated study center
  • The student must score a minimum of 40% in the Final Assessment
  • The Term End/Final exams will be conducted as per the schedules announced by the University

The student needs to score a minimum of 40% in each assessment type i.e. 32 marks in Continuous Assessment and 8 marks in Final Assessment